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About Us


The people of Blackfalds Community Fellowship, live to pursue a passionate relationship with God. As we become fully alive in Christ, we are then compelled by His love to declare truth, bring hope, and demonstrate compassion to others. We desire to help you come to fully know the love of God, and grow into the person that our Heavenly Father created you to be by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to provide spiritual, social, emotional, and physical support, to anyone in need.

We believe in:
Restoration- to offer restoration to the oppressed by sharing, caring, and presenting Jesus in His: righteousness, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, healing, grace, and love;
Word- to build a strong foundation of the Word of God in lives of believers;
Relationship- to build & strengthen our relationship with Jesus, and with others, as produced in our lives from knowing, and obeying the Word of God, in prayer, and in worship, and by the empowering of the Holy Spirit;
Fellowship- to see the evidence work, and fruit of the Holy Spirit exhibited in us in our everyday contact with our family, fellowship, community, workplace, and those in need.

Church Service - Sunday @ 10:15am
Kids Church - Sunday @ 10:45am
Bible Study/Intercession - Tuesday @ 7:00pm